Diamond Rewards - Rewarding you more!

Welcome to Dicky Beach Diamond Rewards, our loyalty program designed to reward and recognise members for their support and loyalty.

Diamond Reward Points are points you can accumulate to use when purchasing food and beverages throughout the club or to redeem pokie cash vouchers. Diamond Reward Points are earnt when purchasing food and beverages or when playing the gaming machines with your members card inserted.

  • You earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on food, beverage and functions
  • You earn 1 point for every $5 spend on the gaming machines

View the Diamond Rewards Infomation PDF

Diamond Rewards Levels

Our Diamond Rewards program offers five levels. Each level has differing rewards and benefits. You’ll move up a level as soon as you have earnt enough ratings.

Ratings are not redeemable, quite simply they determine which level of the Diamond Rewards program you are placed in. Once earned, your rating will last 6 months. Ratings that are older than 6 months will expire on the first of each month.

  • Receive 1 Rating for every $1 spent on food, beverage or functions
  • Receive 1 Rating per $2 turnover on gaming machines

Our Diamond Rewards program offers five levels. Each level has differing rewards and benefits.
You will move up a level as soon as you have earnt enough ratings.

LEVELS Diamond Ratings Earned
Bronze Entry Level
Silver 5,000
Gold 15,000
Platinum 25,000
Diamond 40,000
Surf Club Rewards Bro Sil Gol Pla Dia
Members discounts on food & beverage
Entry in Members only promotions
Birthday Rewards
Birthday Rewards Bonus Points
Food & Beverage discounts when paying with points 10% 20% 30% 50%
Invitations to exclusive promotions
Random daily beverage vouchers
Visitation Points

How to spend your Diamond Rewards Points
There’s a great range of options on how to spend your Diamond Rewards Points. Think of your points as cash you can use around the club.

100 points = $1 | 1,000 points = $10

Simply present your membership card and ask to pay by points to redeem:

  • Food & beverage items
  • Pokie cash

Checking Your Balances
You can check the balance of your Diamond Rewards Points or Ratings at anytime by swiping your membership card in the members kiosk at the top of the stairs.

Expiration of Diamond Rewards Points
Diamond Rewards points will expire if they have not been used one year after you have earned them. Eg. Points earned on January 1st 2016 will expire on January 1st 2017.

Members Benefits

Members discounts on food and beverage
Simply use your members card when purchasing food & beverage items to receive an exclusive members discount off your purchases.

Food & Beverage Discounts when paying with points
Receive further discounts when paying with points when purchasing food or beverages. For the exact discounts please see the rewards table on the other side of this booklet. *Excludes bottle shop.

Daily Food & Beverage vouchers
Swipe your card through the kiosk everyday you’re in the club for your chance to receive free drink and meal vouchers. The higher your Diamond Rewards Level the greater your chance to receive one of these vouchers.

Birthday Rewards
Receive our birthday mail out, with discounted vouchers and an entry into our $250 Birthday Draw on the last Thursday of every month.

Birthday Rewards Bonus Points
Come in on the day of your birthday to receive triple points when purchasing food or beverages or playing the gaming machines with your card inserted.

Diamond Rewards Members Draws
Every Diamond Rewards member has the chance to enter our members only draws. Simply be in the Club every Thursday and Sunday for your chance to win the Member’s Draw Jackpots.

Other Members Benefits
Use the touch screen on the vectors in selected gaming machines to check your points balances, see how many tickets you have in current members only draws, order drinks and use the ezy break feature to reserve your gaming machine with your members card.

MyCash allows all members to load their members cards with cash to use anywhere in the club. This feature allows members to move between gaming machines without having to cash out or wait for an attendant to issue a payout. To activate this feature simply use the vectors or kiosk and add a pin number to your card to begin using MyCash.

MyLimit offers members the opportunity to set limits on their gaming play; set daily spend limits or time limits. Use the vectors to change your preferences as often as you wish via the player preferences menu.

See our friendly staff for more information on these products, also by emailing
marketing@dickybeachsurfclub.com or phone (07) 5491 6078.