Dicky Beach Surf Club Restaurant Renaming

We can’t decide on a name for the all new restaurant to be launched after the renovations and we need your help. Either select one of the suggested names in the box below or submit your own name.


This List is updated daily.


The Dicky Beach Surf Club team will discuss the vote results and let you know on the final decision.

Other names suggested:
Wrecks, Beattie’s, Lady Dicky, Dickies, The Belt and Reel, Top Deck, The Creel, The Wreck, ShoreSide, Bistro @ Dicky Beach, The Dickies Galley, All Aboard, The Beach House, Delish on Dickies, Dickys Dinner, Sand And Surf, Shipwreck Bliss, On the Beach, Curlews Bistro, Rex 93, Breaker’s, Wreck n Reef, Wreck Deck, Beach Quisine, Breakers on Dicky, Barbra Ann, Bombora, Foreshore, Heroes Bistro, Dickies on the Beach, Mary “Topsy” Tinsell,Ship Wreck, Dickie’s Mirage, The Black Pearl.

Thank you to everyone that voted!